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Campfire Usernames



Guide to your username:

  • between 1 and 15 characters
  • only letters and numbers
  • must start with a letter
  • all lowercase letters
  • no spaces or special characters

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What is this?

Campfire Usernames is an NFT collection that enables us to do address lookups based on human readable names.


In a nutshell, if you want to do something like send one of your friends named Sam an NFT, you will be able to just type instead of 0x123BlahBlahBlah.

You will be able to look for usernames, among other places, in the search bar, on transfering an NFT to somebody, etc...

Beyond that, our contracts are set up in a way where we can expand into other communities and ecosystems later.

For example, suppose you connect your wallet to a Web3 enabled game, they could instantly grab your username from our contracts and display it on the screen.

What this is not

This is not an ENS competitor on Avalanche.

ENS does far more than just enable address lookups, which is awesome.

However, the vast majority of ENS users do use ENS for exactly this purpose, so we thought it would be fun to enable other cool names beyond just .eth.


1 character = 25 AVAX

2 characters = 20 AVAX

3 characters = 15 AVAX

4 characters = 10 AVAX

5 characters = 5 AVAX

6 characters = 2.5 AVAX

7 to 10 characters = 1 AVAX

11 to 15 characters = 0.5 AVAX