ChzAFriends Collectibles

A collaborative NFT project with friends of Cloudheadz.

Reality Check

Have you ever questioned reality in an expressionist way? Each unique piece in this collection will break you away from the delusion of life and comfront your inner thoughts that you are scared to face. Reality Check is the first NFT collection of the neo-expressionist painter The Left Handed, created by the elements from his selected carftworks on canvas.


Stay back and close your eyes. Just imagine and discover your journey through your dreams. Just Let it go. A unique collection. In between generative and 1/1.

The Deq Code

<p>My project is called Deq. So what is Deq? Deq, Mesopotamia a number of men and mostly women living on the cultural tattoos that he had made.Each Deq tattoo has a meaning. Like many primitive drawings, these tattoos resemble cave paintings. Other than that, I was impressed by the primitive faces and I drew a lot of faces. Even though each face I made looks similar, each one is in a different line. I wanted to create an nft collection by being influenced by such things.</p>

Mimesis Particles

Mimesis is a process of capturing memories from a person & combining them with the absorbed memories of an upcycled computer, generating new synthetic memories. Particles are the iterative dust left behind when constructing experimental algorithms, before they mature and are ready for production.

Shogun Geishas

Shogun Geishas are a collection of 555 NFTs with only 2 purposes: to regain control from their Shogun overlords and protect the AVAX blockchain.

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